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Yoga Classes


Healing Bodies, Healing Minds™ : Yoga classes designed to deepen the healing using a variety of therapies. Learn More


Morning Yoga: Wake up with yoga! Perfect for those with a desire to increase their strength, flexibility & balance. Learn correct postural alignment and start your day with a positive intention. For beginners & all levels. Prenatal welcome!

Sunday Stretch & Flow Yoga: Designed exclusively for Sunday mornings. Practice begins with warming stretches in preparation for a series of flowing standing poses that will soothe the soul. Your body and mind will feel open and balanced! Students of all levels welcome, although some previous yoga experience is recommended.


Sunrise Yoga (spring and summer only) Designed exclusively for early mornings! Practice begins with warming stretches in preparation for a series of flowing standing poses that will soothe the soul. Your body and mind will feel open and balanced. Students of all levels welcome!


Sunset Yoga: Unwind from your day with Sunset yoga, designed to acclimate your body and soul to the setting sun.  This 1 hour yoga class encourages a slower pace but thorough Yoga experience through a vigorous array of flowing asana to open the body after sitting behind your desk or running through your rat race.  Followed by a chance to settle your thoughts with some meditation.


Slow Flow Yoga: All-levels practice to build strength, balance and flexibility. Ideal to recharge, de-stress and elevate body and mind. A relaxing and fun practice that is also challenging with modifications offered throughout the class to suit everyone’s ability.


Faith Flow Yoga: A Level 1-2 flow (vinyasa) class: It is a faster paced, more active class emphasizing the fundamental poses of yoga with an emphasis on strength, alignment and stamina. This class is appropriate for all levels, but some experience and knowledge of basic poses is recommended. Biblical messaging and inspirational music is incorporated for an uplifting yoga experience.


Weekend Warrior Yoga: Practice begins with warming stretches in preparation for a series of strong standing poses, vinyasa style! May include inversions and/or arm balances which are taught from the foundation up, giving students the opportunity to work at their own level. Students of all levels welcome, previous yoga experience is recommended.


Mix up your movement with these classes!


Tone & Strengthening Classes

Barre: Happy Hour at the Barre and Barre Tone: Barre workouts push your body to its limits through small, repetitious movements and isometric holds that target specific muscle groups, followed by stretching. A great way to build up core strength, sculpt the lower body, or just break up a training rut. Whatever the reason, prepare to work! Barre classes have a way of targeting muscles like never before!

Pilates Sculpt and Tone: Develop core strength, build lean muscle, and increase flexibility. Combines light weights, ballet toning, core stability and the dynamic flexibility of traditional Pilates. Specifically designed sculpting moves with high reps and low weights will create a tight, toned body! A non-impact mixed level class. All levels welcome.

TRXpress: A cardiovascular and spot training exercises targeting all the major muscle groups. Build strength, flexibility, core stability and metabolic conditioning with TRX® Suspension Training. Open to all fitness levels.


Fun Fitness Classes

Pound Fitness: Workout while you rock out! A full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming. Using 1/4 pound drum sticks, a cardio and Pilates inspired group fitness class that incorporates functional movement and core exercises choreographed to the best music! Learn more about this fitness module at


Zumba®: A fun fusion of dance and fitness set to Latin and other international rhythms. An incredible workout that will maximize caloric output and fat burning. Bring water and wear a smile! No experience necessary. All levels welcome! Ditch the workout, join the party!