Re-Visit Your Vision

Vision-Board2RE-VISIT YOUR VISION for 2014 with Lori Haas, LCSW, 500CYT Saturday, September 6th 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Has your Vision Board come to Life? Is it time to:
1) Strengthen your Vision for Living
2) Re-connect with your Vision
3) Take the next Step to finish 2014 living a passionate life as explored through yoga & focusing tools.

If you haven’t made a vision board before, you can do one before attending the workshop. Bring your Vision Board.

Lori Haas, LCSW, 500 CYT is a holistic oriented psychotherapist and yoga therapist specializing in women’s health. Contact Lori Haas at FB Yoga Nourishment or 602-332-4360.

$30 Register here online