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“I have been to a few classes here and really enjoy this environment. Staff and other practitioners are all friendly. It feels like true, genuine yoga. I have seen yoga change a lot with the increased popularity of it and certain retailers coming on the scene. Joyful Yoga is not a competitive environment, it’s soft and welcoming the way yoga is supposed to be! Thank you for being true to yoga!! I have really loved the classes I have taken there! All the teachers have been wonderful! And you offer so many classes and at so many times! Makes it easy for me to get there with a crazy schedule!!! Thank you!!!!” – Christy Parker


“I finally have found a studio that is so welcoming and makes me feel happy and excited to work out. Everyone is so wonderful and supportive. I’m getting fit and just gaining so much more confidence.” – Carrie Zakrocki


“Joyful Yoga is a place where you can be yourself and work on improving without feeling judged. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful! Such a great selection of classes!” – Megan Nicole


“Joyful Yoga has done more for me in a few weeks than the V.A or any Physician. Staff is great and the classes never the same. Thank you Anita for this studio.” – Ralph Guerin


“Roll, Realign & Restore Yoga with Sara Chesterfield this morning was fantastic! Great guided instruction and a great feeling of release and relaxation.”  – Angi Sanchez James


“The instructor was delightful and the class was so much fun! I have sung your praises to many of my friends this week and look forward to seeing you all next week. Not only was the class a welcoming place to be, but the environment at your studio as a whole was so pleasant – it made me feel right at home.”


“What an amazing surprise to find out that the best Yoga, Pilates, and Zumba studio is just a few blocks from my house. BIG thanks to Joyful Yoga Studio, a place that truly promotes healthy fitness. Instructors are FAB for all levels. I appreciate the variety of classes & the convenient times. I am so happy!”


“I have always wanted to try yoga. I was confused about the different options. I thought I might be too old! It is so wonderful to discover your studio, and quite close to home, with super convenient class times for my New to Yoga and Gentle Yoga classes. They are not only great for beginners but can be as advanced as you care to make them and give you a sense of the philosophy that has been behind yoga for centuries. I feel like, combined with my walking, I am getting a lot of health benefits. I wish you great success. ”


“This studio feels “joyful.” Staff members are welcoming. The teachers are enthusiastic about their class.”


“After I bought an unlimited class pass, I have been ‘turned onto’ Zumba and incorporate it into my daily exercise regimen along with yoga and pilates. The instructors for all the classes are wonderful and student friendly. After a hard day at work, I look forward to going to class, because I know I will feel more energized afterwards.”


“I started taking classes at Joyful Yoga the first week it opened in January 2009. I had been looking for a place like this for years. It has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel you belong right away. I love the variety of classes offered. I’ve tried several of them and have found them all appealing and challenging. This is the first time in my 48 years that I’m excited to work out. I actually look forward to it and plan my week around the classes I want to attend. I have met some wonderful new people and feel a part of the community. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. ”


“I find that for me, I need a wide variety of different exercise options to choose from, and that makes me more successful. I also notice that keeping track on a calendar makes me more committed to doing things. When I get the monthly schedule from Joyful Yoga Studio, I take the calendar down off the wall, and write in what days I am going to do what classes or activities to do something every day. It serves 3 purposes. It is kind of a visualization of the whole month and what accomplishments I can make, it is “scheduled” so that other things do not roll over into that time, and at the end of the month I can see what I have accomplished vs. my goals. Yes, I realize I am a lot more organized that a lot of people, I just do what works for me.”


“Thanks again for starting such a great studio. I really enjoy going each day; you always make everyone feel like family. :)”


“I was nervous about returning to yoga after surgical treatment for breast cancer, but the knowledgeable and compassionate teachers at Joyful Yoga Studio gave me the tools and encouragement I needed to develop a yoga practice that has helped me heal and regain my strength. I look forward to every class!”


“I have been unable to attend yoga classes for several weeks.  When the e-mail arrived with concern, I explained my husband has been ill & I needed to care for him. I received a wonderful note of encouragement for my husband & myself. Joyful Yoga is not only a business, but more importantly a place that cares.” – Bette Wheaton


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“Love all their classes… I have been to over 50 studios throughout the Valley and have worked for many. I have never come across one that has so many classes to offer as far as format of the class, unique class type, and class times. Classes range from Pound (my favorite workout now), yoga, meditation, pilates, barre, zumba….the list goes on. I drive 30 minutes for this studio but it is well worth it.”  – Meghan D. Scottsdale, AZ


“This studio is fantastic! It has a great vibe and all the instructors are knowledgeable, as well as really care about guiding the participants in their classes. The variety of class types is great and I’ve enjoyed exploring some of their special workshops also. I highly recommend visiting this studio… you’ll be glad you did!” – Lindy C. Phoenix, AZ


“Ana Rinderer is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. She is such a positive and happy presence, and while the class is so much fun, she still works to keep you in alignment and working hard! She truly is a joy!…” – Allison P. Plymouth, MA


“This is a great studio space. The staff and owners are very caring. They offer great classes and give a sense of acceptance so that you feel free to try things outside of your comfort zone. And isn’t that the best way to grow!” – Jennifer W. Fountain Hills, AZ


“Wow idk why I haven’t reviewed this one yet! This is probably my favorite studio in town. The space is gorgeous especially with the amazing squishy new floors they have. It’s so much fun to practice on their floors. It’s almost indescribable… you just have to try it. I also love the variety of classes and teachers here, and everyone is very friendly! My fave class by far is the buti yoga, but I also love the gentle/yin/restorative classes they offer as well as the pilates. I haven’t tried the zumba, trx or barre, but I’m sure they are great as well. My favorite thing about this studio is the atmosphere… specifically the lighting and the temperature. It’s never hot, and they never use awful florescent lighting. For most of the yoga classes the lighting is relatively dim. Maybe I’m weird, but I’m all about sexy yoga lighting.” – Faith M. Tempe, AZ


“Truly one of the best fitness studios I’ve found since moving to Arizona… I’ve only been able to try a few of the classes but I’ve felt very welcome and comfortable at all of them. I love that this place attracts a range of ages and sizes, and both men and women. I think the prices are pretty reasonable and the people who run the studio take their job seriously and really care about their customers and their business…” – Rose L. Phoenix, AZ


“I was told about Joyful Yoga by a classmate of mine and decided to give it a try. Their Tuesday evening Buti Yoga class was AMAZING! It’s a HIIT Yoga class with Tribal Dance. They really make you feel like you are part of a tribe: supportive, loving, respectful, encouraging. I really needed this in my life and will soon be going back.” – BreAnna W. Mesa, AZ


“The instructors are awesome which is all said in one word. The classes are friendly, fun, enlightening, invigorating, relaxing and much more. Classes are made up of all types of senior to pregnant to rehabs to middle age. Classes are not just for women but males also present themselves. Anita and Charla are strong supporters of the community and support our Veterans in many ways. All the instructors are extremely conscious of student needs and work for maximum yogi benefits. My Master Yogi’s here are like family….5 Stars in all respects.” – Ralph G. Tempe, AZ


“I had been referred to this studio and started taking Sunday morning stretch and flow classes here a few years ago (signing up for random events, or special classes as able). I love that they are always offering something new and that they often do drives or community awareness activities. A few months ago I attempted a Reiki session, and although there was a miscommunication regarding my session, they worked very hard to make up my appointment and assist me personally, with both owners communicating with me regarding my session. As I go racing by Sunday mornings (always pushing it until right before class starts), they always remember my name, say “hi” (quickly checking me in without any effort on my part), and even remembered my birthday. I appreciate the personal touch that makes me feel special and not just a number. If you’re looking for a community (or at least a studio that can help you build one), this is a great place to check out.” – Tracy K. Tempe, AZ


“This is one of those places that is more than just yoga. This place offers a variety of classes that you can attend and try out… The instructors are all really welcoming and helpful. So you don’t have to feel like you have to be at a certain level… Pound is a really interesting class that you should try! You actually use drum sticks to distract you and make your work out more productive. It’s a really good work out if you want to sweat. My favorite class is the Buti yoga class. If you do not know what this is, you are in for a treat! This is an interesting type of yoga work out for sure that makes me sweat! Twerking it a little seems like! The point is – give this place a try and you’ll find classes that are best suited to your interest! Namaste!” – Regina W. Phoenix, AZ


“If I could give Joyful Yoga Studio 10 stars , I definitely would. Joyful Yoga is my favorite place to do Yoga and my new love, Zumba…. The facility is very cute and the staff along with the instructors are so great. I look forward to every Thursday and Saturday so I can do Zumba and it has made working out fun. I am a loyal follower of this studio and have now introduced 5 of my friends to it, and they have all loved it. I definitely recommend this studio if you are looking for a fast paced, calorie burning Zumba workout. Keep up the amazing work Joyful Yoga!” – Jennifer H. Scottsdale, AZ


“Best yoga class value in Chandler. You can’t beat $10 drop in rate and it’s even cheaper with a class Punch Card or Unlimited Pass. The low rates don’t mean you’ll be getting a novice instructor either. The yoga instructors have years of experience and are wonderful at leading all levels classes. I’ve attended Donna, Ana, Gabe, and Jordan’s classes and they’re all top notch.” – Franny L. Chandler, AZ


“I am a disabled US vet and was recommended Yoga to regain some range of movement and flexibility. The ladies at Joyful Yoga were more than helpful in getting me signed up. I am a novice but every instructor makes me feel comfortable and welcome while assisting me to attempt better form. I feel I am improving every class. I am very thankful to Joyful Yoga for all their help.” – Allan B. Phoenix, AZ


“They have some of the best teachers here!”  – Mary S. Mesa, AZ


“Today was my first class at Joyful Yoga. The woman at the front desk was very friendly and welcoming, and the other people in my class seemed nice too (and I got the impression that they knew each other – it’s always a pleasant surprise to see a yoga community in a studio). The facilities were very clean and well maintained, and I really appreciated that they have mats to use for free (I forgot mine at home today and was ready to pay a mat rental fee!)….” – Iris L. Chandler, AZ


“What an amazing place! I suffered with lower back pain for many years, and after a few Psoas Release classes my pain was gone. The instructor for that class, Crystal Bowls, was amazing too. She was really helpful, very kind, and she really changed my life. Thank you Joyful Yoga, and thank you Crystal!” – Brock L. Chandler, AZ


“WONDERFUL yoga studio with great teachers. They are veteran friendly and so good at helping my PTSD symptoms with the variety of classes, their patience and caring attitude.” – Scott S. San Francisco, CA


“I’m trying to get back into a fitness routine after gaining some weight recently and Joyful Yoga Studio is who I have turned to once again. Their Zumba classes are the most intense cardio I have ever experienced in a group exercise class. And the teachers keep the class fun so your energy level stays high!… “- Monica J. Chandler, AZ


“Wow-I’m SUPER IMPRESSED with Meredith and her Zumba class over at Joyful Yoga. I have NEVER had so much fun working out and was smiling the entire hour of class because Meredith is just so darn silly. Even before the awesome class the receptionist was very friendly the and new customer paperwork was quick and easy. The class was crowded but that only added to the fun party atmosphere. I will most definitely be returning to Joyful ASAP” – Yanira S. Chandler, AZ


“This is my favorite yoga studio in the valley. They have the best classes, the best instructors, a super clean studio, and overall really friendly staff. I love the variety of classes they have. And their unlimited 30-day class package is well priced….” – Julie D. Chandler, AZ


“I usually only write reviews of restaurants but I thought since I come here twice a week for Zumba I should go ahead and post a review. I am giving it the big 5-stars since it is such a great place. Everyone is so friendly, great prices (no contract and $10 for drop-in) and the classes are awesome (I am not a Yoga person, so I can only speak for Zumba). Coming here is what I look forward to most all week.” – Monica J. Chandler, AZ


“I found this studio after an online friend recommended it for yoga. I’m a complete novice, so was very nervous to go. I tried a Zumba class first and have been completely hooked ever since! Syd, the owner, is fantastic, friendly, real, and very caring. I’ve taken classes from several different instructors and have loved them all. I most often take classes from Gabe (yoga) and Melinda (Zumba). I always leave refreshed and recharged. Definitely a Joyful place to be.” – Margi F. Chandler, AZ


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“I always enjoyed my classes at joyful. Each practice is well rounded and offers many options for various levels of practice. And I love that they have a gong and a singing bowl! They also offer Pilates, zumba and trx classes which is great for switching up your routine!” – Amy Kavulish



Fantastic staff and great facility. Look forward to trying more classes.” – Earl Compton



“My first class was amazing! I was unfamiliar with some of the poses and the instructor took the time to help me get it right. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. The class was fun and very relaxing. I also love that they modify the classes so all levels are welcome and no matter what level your at it’s still fun and challenging. I love this yoga studio!” – Hayd b


“The owners and teacher love what they do, are knowledgeable and provide an awesome array of classes. I really enjoy the healing emphasis classes and have had the best savasanas of my life after doing the psoas release, I highly recommend giving that a try. They also don’t break the bank, relatively affordable for yoga these days!! I would give them 6 stars if I could.” – Chelsea L



I was told about Joyful Yoga by a classmate of mine and decided to give it a try. Their Tuesday evening Buti Yoga class was AMAZING! It’s a HIIT Yoga class with Tribal Dance. They really make you feel like you are part of a tribe: supportive, loving, respectful, encouraging. I really needed this in my life and will soon be going back.” – BreAnna Weber


Love all of the staff and have really enjoyed the pound classes! ” – Christine Linde


Clean and organized studio. Fun and energetic instructors. It’s perfect.” – Dani Foster


“LOVE LOVE this place!! Very clean and the staff is always friendly. The instructors are very knowledgeable and are concerned with not only making sure you have an excellent experience, but that you safe while doing it. I would recommend this place to anyone.” – Victoria Hudson


Great instructors and a wonderful place! I’m a fan. ” – Mary Stevens

As a male and a hesitant to go to yoga, the people their made it one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had. I highly recommend this place to anyone. It is a great relaxing place. The instructors help beginners through everything. I recommend the Gentle Yoga class to anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals and those who are searching for an outlet to relax from the daily grind.” – A Google User
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“You have been wonderful so far! I’m looking forward to continuing on w/you with a variety of classes.”
Ashley B. · November 21, 2013 · Verified
“Great new space! Friendly staff! Looking at the schedule to see when I can get back there!” – Rachel N. 

“I love the Studio the Staff there are very warm and friendly.” – Lisa P. 


“Very friendly trainers and staff. Nice facility.” – Joann N. 


“So far I have absolutely loved joyful yoga! I live the variety of yoga classes offered, close to my house, it great!” – Joy Allen M. 


“Have been going to yoga classes for a week now, so far and I’m enjoying every minute I’m there. The instructors are so helpful and knowledgeable. It’s a wonderful mind and body exercise. Highly recommend this place!” – Rachel L. 


“This has been my first attempt at a “class setting” of yoga and I couldn’t be happier! The instructors are phenomenal and have all clearly had plenty of prior experience teaching this way of life. I will definitely be starting a membership here after my Groupon is expired! Thank you Joyful Yoga!” – Kali J. 


“I had my first class on Mother’s Day and I cannot wait to go back. It was a wonderful experience.” – Heather K. 


“Such a great place to de stress while getting a nice challenging workout, depending on which classes you take. I always leave feeling calm & positive. The staff is very knowledgeable about all classes & always very friendly often knowing their students by name. If I could rate them 10 stars I would!” – Lauren R. 


“The Yin Candlelight class was fantastic! I love the faux bamboo floor too. The teacher was very helpful because I have an injury and she helped me work into the poses so I could maximize the stretches.” – RoseMarie H. 


“I’ve only been to one class very warm and friendly atmosphere.” – Sherrie S. 


“The staff at Joyful Yoga are knowledgeable and welcoming. I’m new there but will become a regular now.” – Karen M.



“First class zumba. Fabulously fun! Studio clean and beautiful. Staff is wonderful. Looking forward to more classes!” – Heather G. 


“Joyful Yoga is a very welcoming studio. I highly recommend it whether someone is new or experienced in practicing yoga!” – WendyA R. 

“This is a GREAT studio! Highly recommend!” – Sara B.