Our Wellness Offerings and Partners

We teamed up with wonderful healing therapists!! Our goal is to provide a supportive and nurturing place for you by continually creating relationships with trusted and knowledgeable teachers and healers. Our partners have the same vision and passion for helping people. We are thrilled to work as a team to provide you with a variety of options that will compliment  your wellness goals.

Joyful Clients who have an Auto-Pay or an Annual Membership receive a 15% discount on all events/workshops and wellness services.


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Healing Spirit Therapeutic Massage with Lora Zylstra. Lora offers appointments at the studio. Lora’s energy and passion for wellness will be a wonderful compliment to Joyful’s healing series. Lora Zylstra is a nationally certified licensed massage therapist, healer and empath and is passionate about making people better through the power of human touch. Learn more by visiting her website and to schedule an appointment directly thru her,









Dawn for websiteDawn Hopkins, MA, ERYT-500, is a Master Yoga Instructor and Trainer, HEY Yoga Therapist, Thai Yoga Practitioner, licensed Am I Hungry? mindful eating coach, Pilates instructor, and is currently being trained as an Ayurvedic Wellness Coach. In addition to teaching yoga classes at Joyful Yoga, Dawn offers private services including: private yoga instruction, Thai Yoga massage, Yoga Therapy, mindful eating coaching, and energy/chakra balancing. In addition, she is the founder and president of The Living Well Centers, yoga-based wellness and training centers, where she offers Christ-centered and Inspirational yoga teacher training and continuing education that is registered with the Yoga Alliance. For more information about her services or training, visit To schedule a session, email or call 480-250-5867.






event pic2 smallAnita Baran Sykes, is passionate about the healing power of energy and body work. “We all deserve access to various wellness and healing modalities.” A Joyful Yoga co-owner and registered 200hr E-RYT Yoga Instructor, Anita has embraced and believes in the healing power of gentle human touch through energy and bodywork. She is a Medical Reiki™ Master, which gives her the ability to work in Integrative Medicine, Thai Yoga Practitioner, ACA Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Instructor and AromaTouch® Practioner and a doTerra® Wellness Advocate, incorporating her knowledge of essential oils into her wellness services when appropriate.

Founder of Be Divine Body Mind LLC, which provides knowledge and wellness services catered for you. Anita loves to learn and the knowledge she gains she shares with her clients, empowering them to become their own powerful self healers.

To schedule a session go to the Wellness services section below and book an appointment or email or call (208) 351-2164.

“Remember to love yourself. You deserve it. You are a gift.” – Louise Hay





Charla Lewis loves to learn and to impart that knowledge to her students, emphasizing those principles. She offers Lifeline Sessions, posture assessment, Reiki with Sound Healing and Chakra Balancing, utilizing crystal bowls and tuning forks, and Ayurveda coaching.  Her love of learning led her to study Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, through the Maharishi Ayurveda Association of America to compliment her healing emphasis. 

The LifeLine Technique® is a way to access the subconscious programs of the mind so we can create sustainable change at the root of painful and stressful patterns.
A Lifeline session that can be done individually, in person or via Skype, with a couple, on any age or even a pet!

She specializes in TRE or Trauma Release Exercises developed by David Berceli, PhD, as well as postural work using the Egoscue Method. She incorporates the gong and crystal bowls into her yoga classes for a vibrational healing experience and can do one-on-one vibrational healing sessions! She is also a Reiki Master and sends love and healing in all of her classes. She spends her summers in Wildwood, NJ helping her parents manage their seasonal business at the Jersey Shore and teaching Yoga on the Beach! To schedule a session you can reach her at charla@joyfulyogastudio or call 609-636-7184





Wellness Services
 Bulk pricing options are available for all services when scheduling your session.

Hands on Reiki

30 minutes $35
75 minutes  $65

Reiki is a spiritual healing art pronounced “ray-key”, a practice of transmitting healing energy through the hands to enhance well-being, balancing the body’s natural flow of energy engaging the body’s self-healing. Schedule an appointment 


Gong Immersion with Reiki

60 minutes $65

Relax with the vibration of the gong!  Sit one on one with a 32 inch Sonic Gong and a 22 inch accent gong as it infuses the body with healing vibration.  This therapy heals at the cellular level and leaves you feeling relaxed and renewed.  Enhances healing from an illness or injury to speed the process.  Reiki is infused into the playing of the gong!  Schedule an appointment )


75 minutes $65

A powerful whole body wellness experience combining Reiki with therapeutic grade essential oils. Primary objective of this session: Reduce stress, stimulate the body and promote balance. 

Benefits of this session is to stimulate blood flow, increase oxygen, distribute the oils and reiki to the tissues promoting relaxation, well being on the cellular level. Schedule an appointment 


Lifeline Technique Session

Approximately an hour $65

What if you had a way to create quick, natural, and positive change in any area of your life?
It’s possible with The LifeLine Technique®. It requires that you access the wisdom and presence of your mind.
As we all know, the mind is our greatest tool to reach our greatest potential. The LifeLine Technique® is the art and science for manifesting change.
Our greatest challenge is perception. In The LifeLine® we see the physical symptoms of the body and the stressful patterns of life as a meaningful dialogue. This is a Portal for Change. This is one of the keys and first steps for creating the positive changes you desire in your life.  Schedule an appointment.


Posture Assessment and Correction (2 Sessions required)

Two 60 minutes $80

Based on Egoscue Method and alignment principles of yoga, your stance and gait will be analyzed. Photos before and after will be taken to view progress.  Exercises based on your stance and gait will be taught and assigned for home practice to strengthen the muscles to support improved posture.  Helpful with aches and pains in our joints created by habits created over a lifetime!  Try it out and see the difference! At least 2 sessions are required, more for optimum success. Schedule an appointment 


Thai Yoga Massage

30 minutes $35
75 minutes $75

Where bodywork meets yoga. A combination of assisted stretches, range of motion and diverse massage techniques to balance and unblock the physical and energetic bodies.

Helps improve postural alignment, balances the nervous system, stimulates the release of synovial fluid, which lubricates the joints and enhances joint mobility. Assists lymphatic flow which boosts the immune system. Supports the circulatory system by distributing blood, oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Schedule an appointment 


Thai Yoga Feet

30 minutes $35

Love your feet. There is a theory that all “projects” start at the feet. Our feet provide the foundation of our anatomy, the “soles” of our physical body as well as the spiritual quality of our soul. This session focuses on applying Thai Therapy-point work and stretching to the feet, stimulating the flow of energy and stabilizing the fascial foundation.

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Thai Yoga Neck, Head and Face

45 minutes $45

The “Center of Wisdom”. Alleviate the “pain in your neck” by increasing range of motion. This session uses classic Thai massage techniques to relieve tensions in the neck and head improving circulation, stimulating blood flow and oxygen supply. Schedule an appointment


Thai Yoga Neck, Head, Face + Feet

75 minutes $65

Take the plunge and pamper the feet too! Improve circulation from head to toes.

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Bulk Pricing and Wellness Packages. Pair any of our offerings, inquire about discounted pricing

Buy 3 sessions 10% discount
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