Four Senses Yoga

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Four Senses Yoga with Cindy Rogers and her seeing eye dog/assistant Piper
Once a month on Thursdays @ 7:45pm to 8:45pm.

Practice Yoga while blindfolded, a UNIQUE Yoga Class! Experience yourself like never before! Without sight one can allow the ego to fade. Let go of physical body image and a cultivate greater awareness of the breath. Without sight the breath becomes more audible…reinforcing the process of Pranayama. The poses are done near or “gracing” the wall and each pose is described in detail. There is less focus on the mechanics of poses but how you feel inside…energetically and organically. A safe and supportive environment to explore your true heartfelt vision within.

This class will be in place of the regularly scheduled Candlelight Yin. All levels are welcome. Cindy’s Bio.

Upcoming Four Senses Class on Thursday nights 7:45pm to 8:45pm in place of Candlelight Yin:

• September 11
• October 9
• November 13
• December 11